For Adverts

For Adverts

Please checkout and select your tweetable and the right section for your adverts..


  1. Front-Page: 1 section
  2. Front-Page: 2 sections
  3. Front-Page: All sections
  4. Front-Page: Footer section (2, 3 or 4)
  1. Shop page
  2. Wish-list page
  3. Blog page
  4. Contact us page
  5. Vendor Registration page
  6. Other pages
  7. Customized page (if any)  


Front – Page cost

  1.  One section for 10,000 viewers N 30,000
  2. One section for 30 days all viewers N90,000
  3. Two sections for 10,000 viewers N50,000
  4. All sections for 30 days N150,000
  5. Brand and Logo section N100,000 for 30 day

Other Pages banners cost

  •  Each page N20,000 for 10,000 vewers
  • Each page for all viewers N50,000 for 30 days
  • Each for years (Please call us)

Website Hosting cost

For Small Business (N35,000)

For Large Business  (N80,000)

For Corporate Company (Please call us)

For Hotel (Please call us)

For Online Store (Please call us)

For Online Market (please call us)

Please observe the adverts sections on each page

Front page top side

Front page main sections

Front page footer sections (Footer display on all pages)

Vendor Registration page

Blog page

Shop list page

Wish-list page

Contact page

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