Hausa Clothing

Hausa Clothing

Hausa Clothing

The Hausa people have a restricted dress code related to their religious beliefs. The men are easily recognizable because of their elaborate clothes which is a large flowing gown known as Babban riga and a robe called a jalabia and juanni. These large flowing gowns usually feature some elaborate embroidery designs around the neck.

Men also wear colorful embroidered caps known as hula. Depending on their location and occupation, they may wear a Tuareg-style turban around this to veil the face (known as Alasho or Tagelmust).

The women can be identified by wrappers called zani, made with colorful cloth atampa, accompanied by a matching blouse, head tie and shawl, known as hijab. They fancy the use of jewelries and ornaments and are also known to engage in the practice of painting of their bodies using lalli and henna paintings.

Hausa clothings are hand-woven or sewn using intricate designs that relate with the tradition and connote strong cultural interpretation. The Hausa were famous throughout the Middle Ages; they were often characterized by their Indigo blue dressing and emblems.

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