How to add your products

How to add your products

      1)    First, you need to register as a vendor through “Sell with us” page.

      2)    Then register your SHOP in the next step or skip the stage.

      3)    Go to “Store Manager” through “My Account” 

      4)    Select “Product” under “My Store”, or click on the product Icon.

      5)    Make sure you Select and edit these 7 places.

             (1)        “Sample Product” as the same.

             (2)        Check “Catalog” 

             (3)        “Product Title”   The name of your product.

             (4)        “Price of your product”

             (5)        “Short Description” of your product.

             (6)        Click on image icon to browse you product photo from you phone or PC.

                          Make sure you click on the hidden place of “Upload File” right before “Media                              Library” 

             (7)        Select category of your product.

             Then make sure you Submit and confirm by checking your product page.

Please view the complete PDF file below, for more guidelines that contained images. 

PDF file: New How to Add your products..

PDF file: New How to add your products

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